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    Revit Structure Beginners to Advanced (Contractor Services)

    This course is still in progress, will be ready soon

    What you'll learn
    1) 3D Model Creation
    2) Coordination
    3) Shop Drawings Extraction
    4) Schedules and material take off extraction
    5) Progress Monitoring
    6) Connect the Time Schedule and Cost With the Model (4D&5D Simulation) by Navisworks

    Revit Structure Beginners to Advanced (Contractor Services)

    Be able to read Structural drawings
    Need to install Autodesk Revit 2019 or later versions
    Need to install Navisworks Manage 2019 or later versions

    In this course students will be familiar with the BIM services needed for the contractor to execute the Structural works on site with less time and less cost by providing the construction site with the coordinated shop drawings and exact material take off reports. So first we will learn the Revit basics of how to start a new project, setting up templates, and the designed drawings into our live model and creating views and levels, then we will learn how to create 3D models and all the tips, tricks and shortcuts needed to perform the work faster. then we will extract the shop drawings from the coordinated model and we will learn how to create schedules for the structural categories, then we will reflect the site progress on the structural model then we will extract progress monitoring report for all structural elements. then we will use Navisworks to connect the activities schedule and cost with the structural model to have the 4D and 5D simulation. This course is aimed at complete beginners who have never used Revit before and want to increase their career options by learning Revit Structure. The ideal students for this course are the mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, BIM engineers, BIM drafters. thank you very much

    Who this course is for
    Structural Engineer
    Construction Engineer
    Structural Draftsmen

    Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 13.5 GB | Duration: 19h 20m

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