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    Learn 2D AutoCAD - Start with Practice, Skip the Theory!

    Learn to model 2D sketches in AutoCAD and understand why and when you will use these Commands

    What you'll learn
    Basic knowledge of AutoCAD
    How commands work and where to use
    Difference between 2 similar functions
    More ways to create an object

    Learn 2D AutoCAD - Start with Practice, Skip the Theory!

    No AutoCAD experience and knowledge needed. You will learn everything you need to know in this course made out of tutorials.

    Learn 2D AutoCAD - Start with Practice, Skip the Theory!
    This course is perfectly designed for those who do not have time to learn a boring course, but still want to have a solid foundation in this program.

    Short and extremely practical, the course contains 10 tutorials for the moment with simple drawings but explained step by step how you can easily make that drawing. The version of the program that is used here is AutoCAD 2022. For each component of the drawing, it is explained why and when a certain command is used and not another, or it will be specified where 2 or more modeling variants are valid.

    What is AutoCAD?
    AutoCAD 2D software is a common CAD design tool used by professionals around the world. The program is used in different industrial and business areas, such as interior design, architecture, mapping, surveying, manufacturing, electronics, landscaping, and electrical, mechanical, or environmental engineering. It enables 2D design, drafting, and documentation. The AutoCAD 2D course prepares to work in the environment of 2D Computer-Aided Design/Drafting

    The advantages of this course

    learn directly how to draw

    learn on the fly the theory that will be much easier to understand

    the teaching method is very intuitive

    the commands and functions of the program will be very easy to understand

    being applicable for any version of AutoCAD on any operating system

    explained step by step

    30 days money-back guarantee

    Who this course is for
    Engineering students who wanted to learn about AutoCAD
    People who want to know about designing a model

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