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    Different Subjects&Secrets In Structural Design ( ETABS )

    Booster Videos for design high rise building level series (1&2 ) - ( Advanced Level )

    What you'll learn
    Learn some secrets and techniques for High rise buildings Modeling
    Some ETABS Techniques
    Using UBC 97 in ETABS 18 & ETABS 19
    Wind Tunnel in mmore detail

    Different Subjects&Secrets In Structural Design ( ETABS )

    Structural design knowledge

    This course will discuss some important topics which are important to and structural designer which includes ( Wind Tunnel & Inserting any design code not provided from the software company CSI & Modelling Techniques in ETABS & Check punching of slabs by using shear studs & Some dynamic discussion regarding to using any records from any earthquake and use it in ETABS to check the worst case to my structures ).

    The last two topics have been recorded in Arabic .
    This is some basic information and in future some enhancement will be added like ( The right modeling for steel and composite elements in ETABS & The columns shortening and when I should use and why and so more )

    This course has been recorded in two languages ( Arabic & English ). Some of videos are composite and the other in one language only .

    After this course you will know some technical secretes and information you will gain it after some experience but actually you will got it after finishing this course .

    Lastly, some information may be so hard to get or comprehend if any of juniors structural engineers have joined to the course , so they should bear and search for anything hard to understand because this will be the good way to enhance his searching techniques and his knowledge, moreover if you cannot find your answering by searching you can ask me .

    I will upload some resources, just if you need them to expand your information and knowledge

    Who this course is for
    Intermediate Structural Designers ( The Course has been recorded in Arabic & English Language )

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 853 MB | Duration: 2h 0m

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