Revit structure Families (Arabic version)

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    Revit structure Families (Arabic version)

    Mohamed Hesham
    BIM Engineer, BIM instructor, Autodesk ambassador.
    I am a BIM engineer and a BIM instructor.

    Instructing BIM in different entities such as [Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University for Master's degree students], [Egyptian engineers syndicate], [Kaitech], [Platform training solutions] and different online education platforms.

    B.Sc. in Civil engineering at Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering.

    Has successfully met the requirements to be awarded the "BIM Project Information Practitioner" qualification from BSI.

    Certified as an Information management practitioner. [11 Courses with 12 certificates and 12 certified CPD in BIM ISO 19650 curriculum].

    Certified BIM ninja. [The first one recognized as BIM ninja after intensive education journey accredited by CANBIM (Canada BIM council), Graphisoft, Plannerly, Whitefrog, Real data systems, ACE Solutions and RIB CCS and endorsed by Northumbria University, BIM Institute, BIM academy Africa, Arcdox and Bluebeam]

    Have achieved "Building Information Modelling (BIM) Fundamentals" exam. Also, Have attended and achieved "Building Information Modelling (BIM) ISO 19650 Part 2: Project Delivery" and "BIM BS 1192 Part 4: Handover Information Exchange" Courses and exams from BSI.

    Have achieved 20 certificates and 31.5 continuous professional development hours (CPD) from the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors (RICS).

    Have completed "BIM ISO 19650 Essentials" training course from bre academy with 12 Certified CPD hours.

    Have completed An introduction to building information modeling and BIM implementation within the AEC industry from Coventry University.

    Have completed BIM application for engineers course from National Taiwan University.

    Have completed BIM4Leaders course which holds CANBIM certification.

    Fully comprehensive knowledge of the International BIM implementation guide by RICS.

    Achieved “Become a BIM coordinator” learning path from Linkedin learning.

    Certified as a Revit Structure professional and Revit Architecture professional.

    Ranked as Autodesk ambassador and Autodesk Student expert.

    Winner of Autodesk competition with Air drone chassis mechanical modeling, design approaches, motion study, documentation, and real-time rendering.

    Have been trained at an intensive professional training called "University to work" as a BIM program with the final graduation project of ECG smart village building in Egypt in 2019 and as a Structural program as well in 2018 with final mega-mall project.

    Have completed education courses from Queensland University of technology

    about a course :

    Students should have completed the "Revit structure: Essentials" course.

    In this course, you will learn important related definitions, understand the different Revit family categories and the evolution of the Revit structural families. Also, the main important core in this course is the applications for creating different Revit structural families. The goal is to learn how to think and how to work in different situations!

    Who this course is for:
    Intermediate Autodesk Revit structure learners who are curious about more knowledge.

    Size: 590 MB

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