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    ANSYS Products 2022 R1 Linux + Win x64

    Universal software system for finite element (FEM) analysis, existing and developing over the past 30 years, is quite popular among specialists in the field of computer-aided engineering calculations (CAE, Computer-Aided Engineering) and FE for solving linear and nonlinear, stationary and non-stationary spatial problems of deformable solid mechanics and structural mechanics (including non-stationary geometrically and physically nonlinear problems of contact interaction of elements structures), problems of fluid and gas mechanics, heat transfer and heat transfer, electrodynamics, acoustics, as well as mechanics of coupled fields.

    System requirements
    Windows 10 (64-bit Professional, Enterprise and Education editions)
    Windows 7 (64- bit Professional and Enterprise versions)
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (64-bit)
    39 GB hard disk, multiprocessor, memory > 2 GB, more details

    1. Login root
    2. Install Ansys 2022 R1 Lin64 to /usr/ansys_inc/
    Do not install ANSYS License Manager!
    Skip License Server Specification! Select "Skip this step and configure later"
    3. Overwrite original folder /usr/ansys_inc with cracked one
    4. Create environment variable ANSYSLIC_DIR pointing to folder /usr/ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing
    5. For ANSYS optiSLang 2022 R1 Linux64 create environment variables:
    DYNARDO_LICENSE_FILE pointing to file /usr/ansys_inc/dynardo_SSQ.dat
    6. Start AnsysWB /usr/ansys_inc/v202/Framework/bin/Linux64/runwb2
    7. Enjoy!
    File Size: 21.64 GB
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