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    AutoCAD Beginner's Start Up Course: Chapter 1.

    This is a full-length course on AutoCAD. This course will take you from nothing to a certified AutoCAD Designer. We have tried to make this course so comprehensive that you can get almost all demanding topics necessary in industries.

    AutoCAD Beginner's Start Up Course: Chapter 1.

    Why you should take this course?

    Firstly this course is made by the professional expert, who has more than 5 years of teaching experience and he knows how to make student understand every tools and topics.
    This Course is made using AutoCAD 2020 version but you can able to work on any version of AutoCAD.
    We are always there to help you, just ask your doubts, we will clear them as soon as possible.
    This course doesn't require any particular degree. Anyone who is enthusiastic about designing can learn this course.

    Topics that we cover in this course.

    2D Drafting: AutoCAD is popular for its 2D Drafting, It provides very flexible tools that makes the job easy. We will be spending a lot of time in this section and we will be covering all the basic shapes tools, like Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, etc.

    Overview of What you will learn?

    Brief understanding of the interface of AutoCAD.
    How to set up the Units.
    We will learn our first tool that is line,
    We will cover all the important properties of Line.
    We will look for that mistakes that people usually do in beginning.
    How to use different kinds of circle commands, like 2-Point, Tan Tan Radius Circle and all.
    How to create Rectangles with and without dimensions.
    We will be looking for Ortho Command from Status bar, that restricts the motion of the cursor.
    We will learn to use Trim Command, with it's different properties, this is one of the most important editing tool.
    We will learn some more tools of Status Bar, Like Ortho Mode, which helps in snapping different objects properties.

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    Language: English | Size: 189 MB | Duration: 30m


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