Altium CERN Library Dec [2021, ENG]

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    Altium CERN Library Dec [2021, ENG]

    The CERN development team is pleased to announce the availability of Altium CERN Library 2021.12 is design tools for electronic schematic editor and pcb editor.

    Altium CERN Library Dec [2021, ENG]

    Anyone who has ever used EDA tools, open source or proprietary, will appreciate how much time can be lost in creating new components and footprints. And when creating RF designs the risk of failure due to layout errors resulting from incorrect and low quality parts/libraries is even higher.

    Having a library makes that all symbols use the same standards and have the same "look and feel". For the physical padstack (i.e. the size and placement of the copper pads and their naming), used IPC norms IPC-7251 and IPC-7351. Using these standards guarantees optimal placement and soldering results.

    Explains how you can create a library from existing projects or reference schematics and re-use the components in your designs.
    CERN - The CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) is a research center famous for its particle accelerators. Using Altium as one of many tools in such a design environment, CERN electronics engineers use it in a number of projects, many of which are available at the Open Hardware Repository.

    For several years CERN has been an active member in several standardization organizations who develop important specifications and standards in the field of electronics: IPC, PCI-SIG, PICMG, PXI System Alliance and VITA.

    Founded in 1954, the CERN laboratory sits astride the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. It was one of Europe's first joint ventures and now has 23 member states.

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