Wing Helper 1.5.0

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    Wing Helper 1.5.0

    Wing Helper is a state of the art 3D CAD program for design of RC plane models. Wing Helper is oriented towards ambitioned RC modelers, who are beyond building models according to ready made plans, and who want to start designing, building and flying their own creations. There is nothing more thrilling and joyful than seeing the result of hours and hours of hard work taking off into the blue skies and magnificently soaring through the air, knowing that it is the result of own engineering knowledge, efforts, and diligence!

    Wing Helper 1.5.0

    We are looking forward to supporting you in this adventure. With Wing Helper, we chose a novel approach to modelling. We don't want to stand in the way of your creativity with arcane and inconsistent user interfaces, multitude of options of suspicious level of usefulness, or by imposing long and tedious work-flows on you. Wing Helper is strongly favoring the simplicity and fast visual representation of all steps in the design process. You will be surprised how few clicks are actually needed to produce great results!

    And the best of it all is: we want you, our customers, to tell us about your needs and your desires. We are keen on learning from you what these may be and to introduce them in the future versions of the Wing Helper. In the version line 1.x, the Wing Helper focuses on the definition of the main wing - the very heart of every plane. for the future, we foresee adding support for defining empennage, fuselage, electronics, investigating the physical plane characteristics, etc. Which of these functions we are going to add to Wing Helper and in which order will largely depend on your input and your requirements.

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