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    Sonnet Suites 17.56

    The software developer Sonnet Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Sonnet Suites 17.56. This suites allows you to design challenges with 3D flat circuits and antennas through a physical description of your circuit and rigorous analysis based on Maxwell's equations.

    Sonnet's suites of high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) Software are aimed at today's demanding design challenges involving predominantly planar (3D planar) circuits and antennas. Predominantly planar circuits include microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, PCB (single and multiple layers) and combinations with vias, vertical metal sheets (z-directed strips), and any number of layers of metal traces embedded in stratified dielectric material.

    The Sonnet Suites develop precise RF models (S-, Y-, Z-parameters or extracted SPICE model) for planar circuits and antennas. The software requires a physical description of your circuit (arbitrary layout and material properties for metal and dielectrics), and employs a rigorous Method-of-Moments EM analysis based on Maxwell's equations that includes all parasitic, cross-coupling, enclosure and package resonance effects.

    Sonnet maintains a single, dedicated focus on providing the industry's most accurate and reliable high frequency planar EM software. Our aim is to make it easy for our customers to either develop and analyze designs within our software, or to incorporate our tools into their existing design processes and frameworks. Customers need never commit to a proprietary framework in order to get the best in planar EM analysis.

    This presentation offers an overview of the SonnetLab Toolbox for MATLAB and provides examples of how to utilize the features of SonnetLab.
    Founded in 1983 by Dr. James C. Rautio, Sonnet Software Inc. is a private company dedicated completely to the development of commercial high frequency EM software. We take great pride in providing quality technical support for our products–which we believe to be crucial for high-end technical software products. Sonnet Software, Inc. is based in Syracuse, NY, USA with representatives across the globe.

    Product: Sonnet Suites
    Version: 17.56
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Languages Supported: english
    System Requirements: Windows / Linux *
    Size: 203 mb

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