Design and Simulation of Electrical Machines With Matlab

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    Title: Design and Simulation of Electrical Machines With Matlab
    Аuthors: L. Ashok Kumar, S. Albert Alexander, Y. Uma Maheswari
    Publisher: Nova Science Publishe: 2022
    Format: True PDF
    Paages: 272
    Size: 12,8 Mb
    Language: English


    The technical aspect of electrical machines has gone through passionate scientific progression during the past several decades. Many inventions in strategy, apparatus, circuit, control and system have caused electrical machines to come forward as a major trend in recent years. This book describes promising technology with MATLAB/SIMULÏNK in electrical machines. It addresses the concept of electromechanical energy conversion and describes the beginning of various electrical machines, special electrical machines, electrical drives and their applications using MATLAB/SIMULÏNK. This book also gives a condensed and extensive review of current trends and outcomes.The ultimate goal of this book is to lay emphasis on engineering students to engage in energy conversion on up-to-date electrical applications. This book covers features of MATLAB/SIMULÏNK and its influence in various electrical machines like DC machines, induction machines, synchronous machines, special electrical machines, electrical drives, etc. The focus is to provide technical information to cover equipment based on modeling and design of circuits using MATLAB simulation. This book is highly suggested as an introductory handbook and as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate engineers and as a reference book for researchers who are merely engrossed in design and investigation of electrical machines.The technical and user-friendly facets of this book facilitate strong interest for every individual who is interested in learning more about the subject matter.




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