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    Revit Conceptual Design (BIM Series LOD 100)

    Use Revit as a presentation software with no need to master it all!

    What you'll learn
    Model any innovative architectural concept with precise dimensions
    Become master in using Revit tools and options related to conceptual design
    Apply effective factors on the concept such as sun, orientation and etc.
    Complete two case studies from conception to presentation
    Improve understanding of BIM LOD 100 in the initial stage of the project

    No Revit experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
    A beginner level of knowledge on AutoCAD is needed.
    Revit 2018 or higher installed.

    This course is for Students, Architects and 3d modelers who don't want or need to learn advanced Revit or willing to present their project in BIM platform. In this course

    First we will talk about LOD100 and its definition

    Then we will guide you how to prepare your Revit new file environment to start modeling your concept. This session is for those who does not have any previous experience in using Revit.

    Defining units and levels, using AutoCad topo information, creating a topo surface, making building pads and working with options are all the tools that will be used in lesson 2

    in lesson 3, ways of modeling spatial objects will be practiced.

    Mass in-place is the tool that helps you manifest any innovative idea you have in your mind

    In the next step we will learn how to run solar study to visualize the impact of natural light and shadows on generic objects we have created before.

    You will learn how to use Location, project orientation and sun path options.

    In the final stage, we will go through different ways of exporting our concept for presentation. We will learn how to define material for our mass, set up graphic display settings, work with cameras ,Revit walkthrough and also rendering tools. We will practice how to compare different concepts and make them ready for an impressive presentation.

    This course will be updated with new releases continuously in order to keep up with the students' demands.

    We will be grateful to receive your reviews, comments and suggestions : )

    Who this course is for
    3d Modelers

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