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    Concrete and Steel structures Quality Control Onsite

    Inspection and NDT for Concrete and Steel Structure

    What you'll learn
    The concrete tests on site
    concrete non destructive testing
    weldind process
    non destructive testing for welding
    ultrasonic, dye penetrate,magnetic particles and gamma rays tests
    tests for the concree materials
    shutering and steel bars quality control

    The attendees should have a basic knowledge about concrete and steel structures

    The course target is to assist that the attendees will know all the tools and procedure from practical point of view with strong theoretical background and reference about the quality control for concrete and steel structure.

    This course will provide all the tools and up to date techniques that are using to control the quality for concrete and steel structure projects during the construction phase. For concrete the destructive testing like cylinder and cube compressive strength will be presented and slump test. The QC for the steel reinforcement will be discussed by applying tension tests.

    Nondestructive testing for concrete structure will be presented and define the practical way of advantage and disadvantage for each test and the practical way to use them.

    For steel structure discuss the bolting and welding connection and define the types of bolting and welding. The inspection of bolting connection will be discussed in detail. The welding types, symbol and abbreviation will be presented in this course and present the five method of inspection which are the VT, PT, MPT,UTand RT. The methods of applying these tests and the differences between them and when and how it will be used will be presented in the course. The attendees will receive an eBook about the welding and inspection of the steel structure at the end of the course.

    Who this course is for
    civil engineer
    structure engineer
    project engineer

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