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    Pushover, Plasticity and Reliability Analysis

    Non-linear analysis, pushover analysis, structure reliability, international codes and standards, thermal and fatigue

    What you'll learn
    The advanced methods for concrete and steel structure analysis and design, such as plasticity and pushover analysis
    The student will know the reason behind the load and resistance factors for different codes and standard.
    The student will know about structure redundancy and performance-based design approach
    The student will know about thermal and fatigue analysis
    The student will know about the concept of reliability and understand the differences between international codes

    Have the basic of concrete and steel design

    At the end of this course the attendees will learn the differences between American, British and European codes and standards for concrete and steel structure design. It is also presents the meaning of the factors that is applied to the load and the reduction factors in ACI, AISC, ASCE and partial safety factors as per BS and EC. The student will understand the main concept and difference between LRFD, WSD and ASD by applying the methods of structure reliability.

    This course illustrates the structure reliability concept. The structure redundancy and the plasticity methods will be presented in addition to the nonlinear, collapse and the pushover analysis with practical for most common software. In addition to that present the meaning of RSR and how it can be used to evaluate the aging structures.

    The participant will know

    How to do fatigue and thermal analysis for the building.

    Understand the concept of codes and standard which facilitate the complicated issues in design, construction, QC and maintenance.

    Understand the structure redundancy and how it can withstand more load rather that the design load.

    How to do the nonlinear analysis and the pushover analysis and the definition of RSR and how can calculate it. The differences between structure systems

    How to choose the best one in the conceptual phase from reliability point of view.

    This new technique is use also in evaluating and assessment an existing structure or the new design based on "Performance based design"

    Who this course is for
    junior and senior engineer and professional engineers

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