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    Reinforced concrete design 2022

    in this course you will learn all about designing different concrete structures such as beam, column, slab, footing etc

    What you'll learn
    basics of reinforced concrete design
    concrete structures design
    RCC members design
    beam design, column design, footing design, slab design etc

    fresh civil engineering students, master and PHD students

    in the same video course i am providing lectures that teach the design RCC structures solving practical examples and designing practically. i have included presentations teaching the basics as well as advanced level so both types of civil engineering students (beginners and high level) can have benefits an exams and in practical life as well.

    Primary objectives include the following: to acquaint the student with the properties of concrete and steel and with the behavior of reinforced concrete as a structural material; also, to develop methods for the design of reinforced concrete structural members such as beams, slabs, footings, and columns. the mean purpose of uploading this course is to give benefits to each level students including beginners and high level students of MS or PDH in field of concrete structure designs. this course is like elementary design which is limited to elements designs like the following.

    1) circular column design

    2) square column design

    3) spiral column design

    4) one way slab design

    5) singly reinforced beam design

    6) double reinforced beam design

    7) footing design ( square footing and rectangular footing)

    all of the above mentioned structures are designed in the same course following the code of ACI.

    ACI is American concrete institute "The American Concrete Institute is a non-profit technical society and standards developing organization. ACI was founded in January 1905 during a convention in Indianapolis. The Institute's headquarters are currently located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

    Who this course is for
    any level student in field of civil engineering and technology

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    Language: English | Size: 964 MB | Duration: 2h 57m


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