Bentley OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 9 v10.09.01.38 - online installer

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    Bentley OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 9 v10.09.01.83 - online installer

    Why OpenBuildings is more than BIM. The answer lies in the past name of the program - AECOsim. As a rule, all modern BIM solutions that are positioned as complex can be described with only three letters: AEC - architecture, engineering networks, construction. AECOsim also has functionality for operation, besides, in OpenBuildings, within a single file, you can easily combine a building project with large infrastructure projects.

    9 reasons why you should work at OpenBuildings:

    Simplify the design process
    Connecting existing reality
    Creation of architectural solutions, constructive solutions, complex engineering systems
    Computational Design Compatibility
    Data and reporting management
    Comprehensive compatibility and interoperability
    United Environment (CONNECT)
    Perpetual licenses

    With OpenBuildings you get a huge library of pre-designed 3D models of various architectural, structural and engineering components as well as electrical symbols.

    One of the most important parts of OpenBuildings modeling is that it has the ability to share a workspace. This is a workflow in which different specialists can work on different parts of the project, and then combine into one integrated project that will contain all the design and BIM data.

    To analyze the project and correct your decisions, especially in the early stages of the project, when there is no data from subcontractors, you can use reality modeling to create an exact digital copy of any object from a room to an entire city. The program can process point clouds, photos, 3D photos, reality meshes.

    Each element of the model can be provided with links that will refer either to drawings or to office documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.). Hyper-modeling is a feature unique to Bentley's Power-Platform solution that overlays drawings on top of a model.

    OpenBuildings can integrate different types of files: 3D Object file, Sketchup File, 3D Max file, Revit Family, DWG/DXF, gbXML (energy analysis), 3dm - Rhino.

    From GIS to ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION, ROADS AND BRIDGES, Bentley's portfolio of solutions on the MicroStation platform provides interdisciplinary coordination with the MicroStation reference technology and its federated approach. Thus, the MicroStation platform and its dgn file format are a general modeling environment. During the lifetime of a project, a lot of data is generated. Each project participant must have access to the right data at the right time in the right format.

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    Bentley OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 9 v10.09.01.38 - online installer


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