Weise Fluchtplan 2022.0.0.17

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    Weise Fluchtplan 2022.0.0.17

    Architects and engineers, fire protection and safety officers, occupational safety specialists, experts or facility managers can use the Escape Plan software to create multilingual escape and rescue plans in accordance with DIN ISO 23601 and DGUV 9. In addition, fire brigade plans according to DIN 14095 including standard-compliant symbols and fire brigade route cards can be generated. The plans can easily be generated from scratch or imported from DXF, DWG or PDF files.

    This module makes it possible to create fire protection visualization plans (LP 1 to LP 4), fire protection implementation plans (LP 5) and fire protection documentation plans (LP 9) according to the specifications of the VDI guideline VDI 3819 (draft). Numerous symbols are available for components and fire protection-related systems and equipment.

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