STAAD.PRO CE - Seismic Analysis Using IS 1893 (PART-1)-2016

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    STAAD.PRO CE - Seismic Analysis Using IS 1893 (PART-1)-2016

    The recent release of IS 1893 (Part-1):2016 has a big impact on Seismic analysis procedure in India. This standard has clearly streamlined the analysis procedure to be used for general structures and buildings. It has introduced some special checks to be performed. This standard specifies a clear guideline on dynamic analysis. Equivalent static analysis procedure is driven by computing approximate fundamental time-period using empirical equations catering different types of lateral load resisting systems present in the building. Minimum base shear criteria have been introduced to consider minimum required strength of structure. Consideration of vertical motion in seismic analysis has been made compulsory under certain conditions. Seismic analysis using cracked sections for RCC structures has been a major requirement of this standard.

    STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition has been a market leader for structural analysis and design. It has the facility to perform high-end analysis. Seismic analysis feature of this software is widely used. Seismic analysis process in this software is according to the state of art. The program is capable of producing detailed calculations. Dynamic analysis procedure in this software is quite user friendly. IS 1893 (Part-1):2016 has been incorporated in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition.

    A book with a step by step process on using IS 1893 (Part-1):2016 in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition will help users to deal with their requirement effectively. This book encompasses the understanding required by the structural engineers to use Indian Standard for earthquake analysis. It deals with examples to understand different parameters used in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition for Static and Dynamic analysis as per the requirement of Indian Standard. It also contains a manual verification to the examples used in different chapters. “STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition - Seismic Analysis using IS 1893 (Part-1)-2016” serves as a useful guide for structural engineers to learn about the intricacies about the seismic analysis process using the latest Indian Standard for their day to day job.

    October 30, 2019 | English | ASIN: B07ZTHD4JQ | 368 pages | EPUB | 11 MB


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