Nemetschek PlanBar 2022.0.2

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    Nemetschek PlanBar 2022.0.2 (x64)

    Planbar is ALLPLAN's unique solution for precast detailing enabling you to generate production data you and your customers can rely on.

    Planbar is a 3D CAD solution specifically designed to take precast design and detailing to a new level of efficiency and precision. Design walls, slabs and structural precast elements such as stairs faster and more accurately than ever before. Handle a heavier workload thanks to numerous automation features such as 1-click reinforcement, import of architectural models and fixtures, fully automated creation of shop drawings, and arbitrary switching between 2D and 3D working methods with 100% consistency every second.

    Precise design and detailing
    Planbar allows you to efficiently model all types of precast elements - from walls and slabs to structural precast elements such as stairs or columns.

    Create shop drawings automatically
    Create shop drawings including reinforcement, fixtures and dimensions with just one click. Benefit from intelligent templates. For each precast element type, you automatically receive your customized plan layout.

    Save time with 1-click reinforcement
    For all types of walls and slabs, Planbar creates the basic reinforcement for you fully automatically. This time-saving function is included in the Slabs, Walls and Assets packages.

    File size: 3.79 GB



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