mb AEC Ing+ 2021.090

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    mb AEC Ing+ 2021.090

    The company TECHSOFT is engaged in the development and marketing of software and the provision of services in the field of calculations and design of building structures (using spatial design schemes, taking into account seismic and wind effects).

    with the development of CAD software, both for German firms such as mb Software AG (now mb AEC Software GmbH), Inpro and Siemens (using the European Building Code EUROCODE 2.3 and DIN 1045-1, DIN 18800) and for domestic market (taking into account the requirements of the Russian "Building Norms and Rules" - SNiP) High scientific potential of the company, based on 25 years of experience of the TsNIIproekt Institute in the field of CAD, close interaction with the institutes - developers of SNiP and Gosstroy of Russia, constant contact with foreign and Russian users, helping to take into account the features of real projects, and using The use of the latest information technologies allows TECHSOFT to take a leading position among manufacturers of software tools for automating calculations and design processes in construction.

    The Ing+ system is a modern set of programs for the design of building structures that combines ease of use with the accuracy of the results obtained, compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents of the CIS countries and Europe, and a variety of tasks to be solved. This system is a unique offer on the Russian market.

    The design system includes the following subsystems: ViCADo is a subsystem for architectural and engineering design of building objects with extensive visualization capabilities. MicroFe-SDK is a subsystem for finite element calculations of building structures for strength, stability, vibrations. Statics is a software package for calculations and design of reinforced concrete and steel elements of building structures, foundations and retaining walls. COSTRUC (steel concrete) is a software package for calculations and design of composite (steel-reinforced concrete) elements.

    The unified ProjektManager data management tool for the Ing+ design system allows you to organize work with projects, archives, output documents, additional materials, and communicate with other Ing+ subsystems. There is also a wide range of service options (working with e-mail, copying, moving, archiving project sections, etc.).

    The system also includes additional programs for working with sections (Profilmaker), output (Viewer) and others. The presence of a set of service programs allows you to generate a set of output documents in the form of a paper document, an electronic document in pdf, rtf and other formats.

    The system covers the main stages of structural design, providing data transfer from one stage to another (ViCADo - MicroFe-SDS, MicroFe-SDS - Statics, MicroFe-SDS - ViCADo, Statics - ViCADo, etc.). The presence of links provided at the stage of creating subsystems makes it possible to avoid errors in data transfer and ensure the best (most complete) transfer of information about the design.

    It's announced, that activated modules are: MicroFe, BauStatik, ProfilMaker, StaDyKon, Therma

    Language: Russian

    Size: 2.58 GB


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    There is no English language. Only Russian language, and not good. Languages and different characters are mixed!

      Originally posted by Samad Damas عرض المشاركة
      There is no English language. Only Russian language, and not good. Languages and different characters are mixed!
      Yes, its Russian look to the screenshot.

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          mb AEC Ing+ 2021.090


          • Samad Damas
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            English language would be great. I know Russian, but somewhat weaker. The translation of previous versions of this software is very bad in Russian language....