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    Archicad 24 Professional Course

    Archicad 24 : Advance Modelling Course from Beginning to Pro

    What you'll learn

    Documentation in ArchiCad

    ARCHICAD 24 or any version installed in the PC

    This Archicad 24 primarily focuses on the Modelling techniques from Basic Level to Advance Level because of the fact that Modelling is the most difficult task to do for New Students who wants to learn the Archicad.We will do the complete modelling of the Residential Building in Archicad.

    We will cover elements like :-Walls DoorsWindowsSlabsTerrainRoofsComplex shaped RoofAnd many more.Some times complex structure like Stairs can give you troubles while modelling but if you know the correct way of doing that if will be very easy for you !We will do the modelling in the 2D as well as in the 3D , So that you can have the better idea about the modelling interpretation in Archicad.You will also learn about the tips and tricks so that you can save your lots of time while modelling in that we will talk about the various tools like cut / copy / multiply and all these properly.

    The aim of this course is to provide you the best experience while modelling the Residential Building.So if you are someone who is interested in learning the Latest version of Archicad from Basic to Advance Level , This course is just for you !!After taking this course you can easily do Modelling in the Archicad.


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Intro ArchiCad

    Lecture 2 Tool Box Intro

    Lecture 3 Info Box

    Lecture 4 Menu Bar

    Lecture 5 ToolBars

    Lecture 6 More about Pallets

    Lecture 7 Working with PET Pallet

    Lecture 8 The Navigator

    Lecture 9 The Organiser

    Section 2: Modelling ( New Project )

    Lecture 10 Project Info

    Lecture 11 Set up the Working Unit

    Lecture 12 Setting up the Story

    Lecture 13 Tracker in ArchiCAD

    Lecture 14 Pet Pellet

    Lecture 15 Offset of Walls

    Lecture 16 Drag & Copy

    Lecture 17 Rotate & Mirror

    Lecture 18 Setting up the Grids

    Lecture 19 Drawing of Grids Part 1

    Lecture 20 Drawring Grid Part 2

    Lecture 21 Wall & Wall Settings

    Lecture 22 Modelling of Wall

    Lecture 23 3D VIEW & Editing

    Lecture 24 Setting Up the Slab

    Lecture 25 Slab Modelling Techniques

    Lecture 26 Adding & Removing the Slab Section

    Lecture 27 Complete Modelling of SLAB

    Lecture 28 Settings in Doors

    Lecture 29 Settings in Windows

    Section 3: Advance Modelling in Archicad

    Lecture 30 Modelling of the Doors Part 1

    Lecture 31 Complete Modelling of the Doors

    Lecture 32 Modelling the Window

    Lecture 33 Updation of the Project

    Lecture 34 Make your plan looks more clear

    Lecture 35 Traces in the ArchiCAD

    Lecture 36 Advance techniques of trace & reference

    Lecture 37 Marquee Tool Explained

    Lecture 38 Modelling of Staircase in 2D

    Lecture 39 Modelling of the Staircase in 3D

    Lecture 40 Advacance Modellling of the StairCase

    Lecture 41 Advance Editing of Staircase

    Lecture 42 More Editing Tool of Staircase

    Lecture 43 Model StariCase from First Floor to Roof

    Lecture 44 Modelling of the Side Staircase

    Lecture 45 Modelling of Staircase with help of Trace

    Lecture 46 Stairs Settings Basic

    Lecture 47 StairCase Structure

    Lecture 48 Staircase Setting for Floor Plan Display

    Lecture 49 Modelling of the Railing the 2D

    Lecture 50 Modelling of Railing in 3D

    Lecture 51 Modelling of the Railing on the SLAB

    Lecture 52 Editing of Railing Explained

    Lecture 53 Adding Objects in the ArchiCAD

    Lecture 54 All about Grouping and Ungrouping

    Lecture 55 Zone & Zone Settings

    Lecture 56 Modelling of the Roof

    Lecture 57 Complex Shaped Roof Archicad

    Lecture 58 Add terrain Part 1

    Lecture 59 Terrain Mesh part 2

    Section 4: Tips and Tricks

    Lecture 60 Adding Colors to the Elements

    Lecture 61 All about Surface Painter

    Lecture 62 Short Modelling Tricks

    Lecture 63 Multiply Tool Explained part 1

    Lecture 64 Multiply Tool Part 2

    Section 5: Documentation in ArchiCad 24

    Lecture 65 Basic Details of the Layers

    Lecture 66 More about the Layers

    Lecture 67 Section Setting in Plan View

    Lecture 68 Model Display Settings

    Lecture 69 Tips and Tricks for the Section Creation

    Lecture 70 How tot create Elevation

    Lecture 71 Quick Options in Archicad

    Lecture 72 Pen Sets Overview

    Lecture 73 More about Pen Sets

    Lecture 74 Dimension Filter

    Lecture 75 Creating View in the ArchiCad

    Lecture 76 Professional way of creating the views

    Lecture 77 Overview of Master Layout

    Lecture 78 More about Master layout

    Lecture 79 Creating the layout in ArchiCad

    Lecture 80 Make your layout organised

    Lecture 81 Placing Drawing in ArchiCad Part 1

    Lecture 82 Placing drawing one above another

    Lecture 83 Dimension Tool Basics

    Lecture 84 Trick for using the Dimension Tool in Efficient Way

    Lecture 85 Settings of the Dimension Line

    Lecture 86 Level Dimension Tool Level Dimension Tool

    Lecture 87 Level dimension in Section

    Lecture 88 Publishing your Set in Archicad

    Architects,Civil Engineers,Interior Designer

    Last updated 6/2022
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