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    Comsol Multiphysics Simulation 2022 : Basics To Advanced

    Basic & complete course on COMSOL. Basic concepts on simulations, boundary conditions, meshing, results are covered.

    What you'll learn
    Basic on physics simulations
    Meshing of models
    How to add physics
    How to add boundary conditions
    How to run basic simulations for your problem
    How to use simulations for your research and understanding
    Analysis of simulation data
    How to verify simulation data
    COMSOL Basics

    Basic school level Science is recommended (but not needed)

    This is the first complete UDEMY Course on COMSOL Multiphysics which is an industry-leading simulation platform. In this course, you will learn the basics of COMSOL simulation. I will show a live demonstration of a simulation and its complete analysis, including plotting and exporting of data.

    Language Support: Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish About the Instructor. am I ready to instruct others?I have instructed more than 5000 students till the year 2021, across 105 countries.

    I have publications in top journals like Nature Materials where I have modelled devices in council multiphysics. Till 2021 I have 17 international publications almost all containing some of the other modelling and simulation involving finite element simulation or DFT simulation or analysis using Matlab Python or Simulink.

    I am the author of the best-selling COMSOL courses on Udemy. PLEASE TAKE THE COURSE ONLY IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER. THIS IS NOT A ADVANCED COURSE is Updated constantly with the help of feedback from the students.

    In this course you will learn the following: Create a 3D model for simulation (also teach you how to model your system) Add physics and Boundary conditions in simulation ( like how to setup current, voltage, ground, on your circuit ) Add Mesh in simulation ( also explain what is meshing ) How to run Simulation and verify results There is also an Assignment to test your understanding of the course ( with hints ) Explained in a General manner ( not any particular simulation specific, so everybody can understand ) Interactive concept building QUIZ to test your understanding1v1 support if you face any problem In following any part of the course.

    COMSOL tutorials or tutors are extremely rare to get and a proper course hardly available anywhere. I struggled for many years to learn and master this software. Hence I always wanted to share my knowledge so that people can learn in a compact and complete form. Drop me a text, if you have any specific query about the course, material or pricing.Thank you


    Section 1: lecture 01- Introduction : What is COMSOL ?

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Software Basics Geometry & Materials

    Lecture 2 Lecture 02 - Software Basics Geometry & Materials

    Section 3: Meshing a Model

    Lecture 3 Lecture 03 - Meshing

    Section 4: Meshing Concepts : Why meshing is important ?

    Lecture 4 Why Meshing is important ? Example Demonstration

    Section 5: How to add Physics to our Model

    Lecture 5 Lecture 04 - Adding Physics

    Section 6: Solving a Simulation Model

    Lecture 6 Lecture 05 - Solving and Results

    Section 7: Analysis and Simulation Verification

    Lecture 7 Lecture 06 - Analysis and Simulation Verification

    Section 8: Bonus Video Advanced Examples

    Lecture 8 Bonus Advanced Examples

    Section 9: Simulation example: Thermal Physics

    Lecture 9 Introduction

    Lecture 10 Creating a File using Model Wizard

    Lecture 11 Running Simulation

    Lecture 12 Results and Generate values

    Section 10: Tips and Tricks Usefull for simulation

    Lecture 13 How to export result data from COMSOL

    Lecture 14 How to export Geometry in COMSOL

    Lecture 15 How to Create Reports in COMSOL ?

    Beginner in physics and simulations,Researchers,PhD students who needs simulation data for support,Chemist, Physicist, Engineers,Anyone interested in physics simulations for academics

    Last updated 6/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 580 MB | Duration: 1h 25m


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