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    Methods Of Building Construction | Civil Engineering Course

    A short insightful course on building construction for Civil engineering students or Civil engineering professionals

    What you'll learn
    Various methods of Building construction
    Structural system used in different construction methods
    Information about various building elements

    You must be a Civil engineering student or Civil engineering professional

    This topic "Methods of Building construction" gives you a lot of clarity about various aspects of construction like:Which type of Building construction method is more suitable for a project?Which material is more suitable for constructing a particular building element?Why a few building elements are used only in a few types of buildings?

    Why was a particular building element discovered?Who should you hire for a particular construction project?

    What are the tools and machines needed for a specific project?and moreIn this course, the methods of construction are classified based on the load transferring system of a structure. First, you will learn about the load-bearing structural system which is used in so many oldest structures like Pyramids, colosseum and more. Then, you will learn about the framed structural system, its main building elements and why it has become very popular. Next, you will learn about various methods of constructing high-rise buildings or skyscrapers. Then, you will explore the heavy timber-framed structures which have again become popular these days.

    Finally, you will be exploring the amazing prefabricated materials and techniques used in building construction. So many concepts related to each method of construction are discussed in the course.

    You will get to know about the structural systems used in each method, the history behind them and the purpose that led to their wide acceptance. This course also gives you a good reason behind the discovery of various building elements.The lectures are full of amazing graphics, models, animations, images and high-quality videos. In addition to that, they are very short in duration and easy to refer, regularly.

    What's in the courseMethods of building constructionStructural system of each building construction methodAbout various building elementsHistorical factsBrief coverage of Tools/Machines/labourers used in different methods of constructionWhat will the student gainThe student will understand the purpose behind each construction method and the building elements used in them.This course may also influence you to make logical decisions during construction.This course is a collection of short videos that are easy to watch regularly. This course will increase your Building construction vocabulary.


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Load bearing structures

    Lecture 2 2. Introduction to load bearing structures

    Lecture 3 Materials used in Load bearing structures

    Lecture 4 Difference between Brickwork and Blockwork

    Lecture 5 Difference between Stonework and Brickwork

    Lecture 6 Mortar

    Lecture 7 Historical appearance of Load bearing structures

    Lecture 8 Foundation of a load bearing structure

    Lecture 9 Load bearing walls

    Lecture 10 Lintels and Arches

    Lecture 11 Roofs and Upper floors of a Load bearing structure

    Lecture 12 Vaults, Domes, Buttresses and Sunshade

    Lecture 13 Tools and machines used for load bearing construction

    Lecture 14 Labourers in load bearing construction

    Lecture 15 Advantages of Load bearing structural system

    Lecture 16 Disadvantages of Load bearing structures

    Section 3: Framed structural system

    Lecture 17 Introduction to framed structural system

    Lecture 18 What was the need for framed structural model

    Lecture 19 Types of foundations needed for framed construction

    Lecture 20 Walls, Roof and upper floors in Framed Strucutral system

    Lecture 21 Tools and equipments needed in construction of framed structural system

    Lecture 22 Labour needed for framed structural system

    Lecture 23 Advantages of a framed structural system

    Section 4: Structural system for High-rise buildings

    Lecture 24 Introduction to skyscraper construction

    Lecture 25 Substructure of a skyscraper

    Lecture 26 Shear wall and shear truss

    Lecture 27 Braced Frame structural system

    Lecture 28 Framed tube structural system

    Lecture 29 Braced tube structural system

    Lecture 30 Bundled tube structural system

    Lecture 31 Tube in Tube structural system

    Lecture 32 Core and outrigger structural system

    Lecture 33 Other structural systems

    Lecture 34 Mass Damper

    Lecture 35 Cranes and Hoists

    Lecture 36 Concrete pumps

    Section 5: Heavy Timber Homes

    Lecture 37 Difference between timber and post and beam homes

    Lecture 38 Heavy timber framing

    Lecture 39 Tools used in Timber framing

    Lecture 40 Benifits of Timber framing

    Section 6: Prefabricated Homes | Factory production of homes

    Lecture 41 Introduction to prefabrication

    Lecture 42 Precasting system

    Lecture 43 Structural insulated panels

    Lecture 44 Insulated concrete form

    Lecture 45 Light gauge steel

    Lecture 46 Light - wood framing

    Lecture 47 Modular construction

    Civil engineers, Architects or students belonging to any construction course

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