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    STAAD Pro for PV Systems Structure Design

    Learn to design the pv system structure professionally using STAAD Pro

    What you'll learn
    What are the sections of PV structures ?
    STAAD. Pro design and Analysis
    PV structure parts
    Choose the best section for your structure
    Calculation of blocks size to resist the uplift force of the wind load
    Make the design Report

    LaptopSTAAD. Pro software

    This course will learn you how to design the PV systems structure that is installed on the top roofs of buildings using STAAD Pro Software,you will learn all the things that you need to carry out the design process with high professionalism, ensuring the quality of work provided by the company that you work with.

    The course consists of a detailed and simplified explanation of all the steps to reach a comprehensive all the details such as references and the shape of the structure, basic and combination loads. STAAD Pro is one of the most famous, strongest, and most powerful programs approved for the design of the PV;systems structure by many companies and government agencies.
    You will learn every point below
    Calculation of the wind load of the PV systems structure which is divided into two parts

    - Calculation of the dead load of the PV systems structure which is self-weight plus panels weight

    - Calculating live load, live load, and do we really need it in solar systems?

    - The Snow load calculation based on American code

    - How to draw the structure on the STAAD Pro program itself

    - How to draw the structure on AutoCAD and export it to the STAAD Pro
    - How to make a practical Selection of sections for the structure of the solar system
    - Understand the information from the program and analyze it in practice
    - Study the sections and find out how successful the structure is
    - How to design the structure according to AISI;Code
    - How to generate the final Report after design and analysis
    Who this course is for:EngineersStudentsSoalr energy students and engineersSolar energy designers

    Instructors: Noor Aldeen Najdeah
    5 sections • 16 lectures • 2h 31m total length
    Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English + Sub
    Updated 6/2022 | Size: 1.08 GB


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