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    Steel Structure Design And Construction

    Practical way for steel structure design, fabrication and erection

    What you'll learn
    They will learn the concept of steel structure design
    The way of doing the design of beams,column, connection and anchor bolts
    The main structural systems for steel structures
    The ways of design steel connections and anchor bolt
    The construction of steel structure
    welded connection and welding methods and its symbol
    Types of bolted connections and the ways of controling quality

    to have a principal of structure engineering

    The steel structures are used world wide for high rise building, workshops, buildings and others. The best practical design is to be an optimum to reduce the tonnage of steel so it needs a realistic and optimum design.The course present the way of calculating the loads in the steel structures and present all the loads that affect the building like dead load, live load, wind, seismic, snow and others. This course will present the main keys of the steel structure design for different members like tension members, beam, column, and beam column.

    The design will based on ASD for AISC and presnt also LRFD with examples. The steel structure members behaviour will be discussed such as the buckling and lateral torsion buckling for beams and other parameters and behaviour that can affect the steel structure design. The differnces between the structures system and the beaviour and load transfere of the bracing system will be discussed in this training couse also.The main part of the steel structure is the connections design. So this course cover the design of connections for fixed and shear connecton .

    The the anchor bolts design will be illustrated and also will be applied with example by using excel sheet and using tools for the design by using software. The design concept will be presented and define the dfferences between LRFD and ASD, also the and design will be based on AISC. All the course based on illustartion with example from a real project.The ways of construction will be presented and types of bolted and welded connection will be presented in the course. The QC of steel structute for the bolted and welded connection will be illustarted


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Differnce between LRFD and ASD

    Lecture 2 general structure design concept

    Section 3: Loads calculation part1

    Lecture 3 Load calculation

    Lecture 4 Load calculation part II

    Section 4: Design of tension members

    Lecture 5 Design of tension members

    Section 5: Design of compression members

    Lecture 6 Column design

    Section 6: Design of steel beam

    Lecture 7 design beam part1

    Lecture 8 design of beam part II

    Lecture 9 Lateral Torsion buckling

    Section 7: Bracing system selection and design

    Lecture 10 Bracing system selection and design

    Section 8: Connection design

    Lecture 11 Design shear and moment connection

    Section 9: Design of anchor bolt

    Lecture 12 Introduction

    Lecture 13 Anchor bolt part1

    Lecture 14 Anchor bolt design part 2

    Lecture 15 Anchor bolt design part3

    Lecture 16 Anchor bolt part4

    Lecture 17 Anchor bolt example

    Lecture 18 Exmaple by spearsheet

    Lecture 19 Design by hilti software

    Section 10: Bolted connection

    Lecture 20 Bolted connection

    Section 11: Welded connection

    Lecture 21 welding connection

    This is for begginer, intermediate and any civil engineers

    Last updated 9/2021
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