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    Anchor Bolt Design

    Design anchor bolt and base plate as per ACI 318 and ASCE for petrochemical facilities code

    What you'll learn
    how to design and choose the best anchor bolt size

    how to design the base plate

    The course present the way of using ACI 318 and ASCE for petrochemical facilties to design the anchor bolt and the base plate. The awy of doing the design by using Hilti profis software will be presenated and also with excek sheet based on process industrial practice. The attendees will receive this excel sheet at the end of the course. All types of the anchor bolts and its materials properties with practical experince will be illustrated.


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Anchor bolt design part1

    Lecture 2 Anchor bolts materials types

    Section 3: Anchor bolt design part 2

    Lecture 3 Base plate design

    Section 4: Anchor bolt design part3

    Lecture 4 anchor bolt materials and sleeve types with the recommened sizes

    Section 5: Anchor bolt design Part4

    Lecture 5 how to select the anchor bolt diameter and sleeve

    Section 6: Anchor bolt design example

    Lecture 6 Example for anchor bolt design by ACI318 and ASCE

    Section 7: Using Hilti Profis software

    Lecture 7 Base plate design and anchor bolt selection by Profis hilti software

    Section 8: Anchor bolt design by excel sheet

    Lecture 8 Anchor bolt design as per ACI318 by Excel sheet

    how to desig based an ACI318 and ASCE code

    Last updated 11/2020
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