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    Steel Structure Design For Oil And Gas Plant

    Design of pipe rack , workshops and steel deck under vibrating machine

    What you'll learn
    How to deisgn piperack
    To design the pipe rack for different loads like wind load
    To designa steel deck under vibtrating loads
    Full example to design crane tranck girder
    Different between AISC and BS in design
    How to design different steel members

    The student should have preliminary knowledge about structural engineering

    This course is illustarating the ways of design the steel structure as per ASD and guide for LRFD in industrial project like piperack, workshop and others. The design of tension, compression member, beam, and beam column with the connections. The wind bracing design is discussed. It is cover the anchor bolt and base plate design.

    For industrial structure a session about the pipe rack how to calculate wind and seismic for piperack. There are a session about the dynamic analysis and present the design for steel deck under vibrating machines with example which is traditional case in most industrial projects.There are many example and excersise during the course.

    The course outline as follow:-Designn concept and overview about ASD , LRFD and AISC and BS-Different steel structure systems-Loads calculation (dead load, live load, wind, seismic)-Loads calculation on piperack as per ASEC-tension and compression member design with example-Beam design with example-Example of piperack design under wind load-Example for design a crane track girder-Example od deck under vibrating equioment-Beam column design with example-Dynamic analyis and example of steel deck under vibrating machine-Wind bracing system-Lateral torsion buckling and column buckling will be illustrated in a separate sessions-Connection design with example-Anchor bolt and base plate designThe course materials have a steel members from American and european table and the student should solve the example with both section and send for discussion.


    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Difference between AISC , BS and EC

    Lecture 2 AISC, BS, EC codes

    Lecture 3 basis of design

    Section 3: Loads calculation part1

    Lecture 4 Loads calculation part1

    Lecture 5 loads part2

    Section 4: Pipe rack design

    Lecture 6 Pipe rack design

    Lecture 7 Pipe rack design part II

    Section 5: how to design tension member

    Lecture 8 how to design tension member

    Section 6: How to design compression member

    Lecture 9 How to design compression member

    Section 7: How to design beam

    Lecture 10 beam design part1

    Lecture 11 beam Part II

    Section 8: LTB and column buckling

    Lecture 12 LTB and column buckling

    Section 9: Beam column Part 1

    Lecture 13 beam column design part1

    Section 10: Beam column_Examples_part2

    Lecture 14 Beam column_Examples_part2

    Section 11: Steel deck under vibtaing machine

    Lecture 15 dynamic analysis and example

    Section 12: Wind bracing design

    Lecture 16 Wind bracing design

    Section 13: Connection Design

    Lecture 17 Connection Design

    Section 14: Anchor Bolt Design

    Lecture 18 how to design anchor bolt for hinge support

    Lecture 19 How to design anchor bolt for fixed support

    Lecture 20 Select Anchor bolt materials

    Lecture 21 how to design anchor bolt

    The begginer and the high level

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