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    Learn Staad Pro Connect Edition From The Scratch

    Learn staad pro connect edition for beginners

    What you'll learn
    How to model, analyze and design any steel or concrete structure on staad pro connect edition
    High-rise buildings

    Have basic understanding of structural analysis
    Understand Bending moments, shear force and plates stresses

    We shall learn how to use staad pro connect edition to model, analyse and design any type of structure. E.g residential buildings, commercial buildings, dome, cooling tower, water tank, swimming pool, steel structures and concrete structures, all on staad pro connect edition. we shall also learn how to use RCDC for structural detailing and drafting, to make life easier for us


    Section 1: WEEK 1

    Lecture 1 Introduction to staad pro connect edition user interface

    Lecture 2 Day 2 How to model,analyse and design a simply supported concrete and steel beam

    Lecture 3 Day 3 how to model and analyse a continuous beam on staad pro

    Lecture 4 Day 4 How to model and analyse a truss on staad pro connect edition

    Lecture 5 Day 5 How to optimize steel design

    Lecture 6 Day 6 How to design a reinforced concrete column in staad pro CE

    Lecture 7 Day 7 How to design a steel column on staad pro CE

    Section 2: week 2

    Lecture 8 day 8 understanding grids in staad pro

    Lecture 9 day 9 analysis of a statically determinate truss

    Lecture 10 Day 10 How to analyse a beam with inclined load

    Lecture 11 Day 11 analysis of a simply supported plate

    Lecture 12 Day 12 analysis of a continuous edge slab

    Lecture 13 Day 13 difference between plate load and floor load

    Lecture 14 Day 14 how to reduce plates stress in staad pro

    Section 3: WEEK 3

    Lecture 15 Day 15 how to analyse and design a concrete TEE beam

    Lecture 16 Day 16 how to model and analyse a curved beam on staad pro CE

    Lecture 17 Day 17 how to mirror on staad pro connect edition

    Lecture 18 Day 18 learning about grouping of members in staad pro

    Lecture 19 Day 19 how to model analyze and design a single flight staircase

    Lecture 20 Day 20 How to design a dog leg staircase

    Lecture 21 Day 21 how to model a helical staircase in staad pro

    Section 4: week 4

    Lecture 22 Day 22 how create your own steel section on staad pro

    Lecture 23 Day 23 connection design in staad pro connect edition

    Lecture 24 Day 24 how to design a simple RCC structure on STAAD PRO

    Lecture 25 Day 25 Modelling, analysing and design of free standing staircase on staad pro C

    Lecture 26 Day 26 how to design a continuous building

    Lecture 27 Day 27 How to print out detailed calculation sheet in staad pro

    Lecture 28 Day 28 how to design a slab with concrete designer

    Section 5: Week 5

    Lecture 29 Day 29 how to design a secondary beam in staad pro CE

    Lecture 30 Day 30 how to model a building with cantilever part 1

    Lecture 31 Day 31 how to design a cantilever building part 2

    Lecture 32 Day 32 how to assign specifications master slave part 1

    Lecture 33 Day 33 How to beam releases in staad pro CE Part 2

    Lecture 34 Day 34 how to use member offset on staad pro ce

    Lecture 35 Day 35 How to apply tension and compression specifications in staad pro ce

    Section 6: week 6

    Lecture 36 Day 36 how to correct no elastic modulus E error part 1

    Lecture 37 Day 37 no support error solution part 2

    Lecture 38 Day 38 no load case created solution part 3

    Lecture 39 Day 39 How to fix error in command line

    Lecture 40 Day 40 Resolving instabilities in staad pro

    Lecture 41 Day 41 X and Z range in floor load

    Lecture 42 Day 42 how to apply different types of load in staad pro

    Section 7: week 7

    Lecture 43 Day 43 isolated footing design

    Lecture 44 Day 44 combined footing on staad pro foundation

    Lecture 45 Day 45 how to create automatic load combination on euro code

    Lecture 46 Day 46 How to design pile cap on staad foundation

    Lecture 47 Day 47 how to apply wind load on staad pro

    Lecture 48 Day 48 How to design a crane gantry with moving loads

    Lecture 49 Day 49 understanding staad command editor part 1

    Lecture 50 Day 50 staad editor part 2

    Section 8: week 8

    Lecture 51 Day 51 Steel portal frame modelling part 1

    Lecture 52 Day 52 loading of steel portal frame part 2

    Lecture 53 Day 53 designing and selecting a suitable steel section

    Lecture 54 Day 54 what Dmax means

    Lecture 55 Day 55 Base plate design

    Lecture 56 Day 56 design of isolated footing for portal frame

    Lecture 57 Day 57 deflection criteria in steel design part 1

    Section 9: week 9

    Lecture 58 Day 58 applying deflection limit

    Lecture 59 Day 59 Design of elevated water tank in staad pro CE

    Lecture 60 Day 60 RCC modelling part 1

    Lecture 61 Day 61 on RCC design loading

    Lecture 62 Day 62 analysis of RCC building part 3

    Lecture 63 Day 63 RCC design

    Lecture 64 Day 64 beam and column design

    Section 10: week 10

    Lecture 65 Day 65 slab design and detailing

    Lecture 66 Day 66 slab,staircase, column and beam detailing

    Lecture 67 Day 67 foundation design

    Lecture 68 Day 68 How to use excel spread sheet on staad foundation advanced

    Lecture 69 Day 69 cooling tower design

    Lecture 70 Day 70 Using double angle on staad pro CE

    Lecture 71 Day 71 design of water tank stand staad ce

    Section 11: week 11

    Lecture 72 Day 72 3 storey building on staad pro with bolt connection design

    Lecture 73 Day 73 how to model and analyse a dome

    Lecture 74 Day 74 how to model, analyze and design a cantilever retaining wall

    Lecture 75 Earthquake analysis part 1

    Beginner structural engineers

    Last updated 11/2021
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    Language: English | Size: 7.17 GB | Duration: 12h 18m


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