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    Chemical Computing Group MOE v2022.02 (x64) Multilanguage

    CCG is a leading developer and provider of Molecular Modeling, Simulations and Machine Learning software to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies as well as Academic institutions throughout the world. CCG continuously develops new technologies with its team of mathematicians, scientists and software engineers and through scientific collaborations with customers.

    Discovery Platform
    -Common Platform for Chemists
    -Biologists and Crystallographers
    -Small Molecules - Peptides - Biologics
    -Laptop - Cluster - Cloud - Pipeline
    -Integrated Programming Environment

    Collaborative Support
    -Expert-Level Scientific Support
    -Scientific Project Collaborations
    -Onsite and Remote Training
    -UGMs, Workshops and Webinars
    -Offices in America, Europe and Asia

    Industry Leadership
    -25+ Years of Innovation
    -Standard Platform in Pharma & Biotech
    -Wide Literature and Patent Citation
    -Worldwide User Community
    -Large-Scale Deployment

    3D Molecular Visualization
    -Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
    -Active Site Detection and Analysis
    -Molecular Surfaces and Electron Density
    -Visualize Non-bonded Interactions
    -Publication-Quality Images and Movies
    -GPU Accelerated 3D Stereo Graphics
    -Mixed Virtual Reality and 3D Printing

    Structure-Based Design
    -Streamlined Interface for Ligand Design
    -Active Site Detection and Analysis
    -Interactive Ligand Design in the Pocket
    -Protein-Ligand Interaction Diagrams
    -Predict Water Sites and Energetics
    -Induced-Fit Docking
    -Link, Grow and Replace Fragments

    Antibody and Biologics Design
    -Structure-Based Protein Engineering
    -Assess Liabilities and Developability
    -Optimize Affinity, Stability and Solubility
    -High-Throughput Antibody Modeling
    -Generate Virtual Libraries
    -Protein Docking and Epitope Mapping
    -Model ADCs and Fusion Proteins

    System Requirements
    OS:Windows 8/10/11

    x64 | File Size: 7.41 GB



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