ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics v2.0.25.0 + Component Plus v3.6.0.0

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    Interoperability, integration, reusability. Simulis Thermodynamics allows anyone in industry, engineering or research to run high quality thermophysical properties calculations. These calculations can be plugged in any software of wider application range (equipment sizing, system modeling, etc) and properties are available for any kind of fluid. Simulis Thermodynamics makes open simulation a practical reality.

    Simulis Thermodynamics is a calculation server for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria calculations on pure components and mixtures. It is available as a Microsoft Excel add-in, a toolbox in MATLAB or as a software component which can be easily plugged in any other application requiring reliable and accurate thermophysical properties.

    Simulis Thermodynamics provides engineers and software developers with an accurate and reliable thermophysical properties calculation server. These calculations can be integrated in any package intended for wider fields of application (equipment sizing, system modeling, etc) in order to ensure the consistency and reliability the data used and of the results. Simulis Thermodynamics is designed to:
    Provide access to over 300 functions, in particular for calculation of any type of transport properties (specific heat, viscosity,...), of thermodynamic properties (enthalpy, compressibility factor ...) or of phase equilibria (VLE, LLE, VLLE, salt formation ...) on multi component mixtures.
    Provide access to one of the richest thermodynamic models libraries available on the market (equation of state, activity coefficients ...)
    Provide access to a property database of more than 2300 pure components.
    Enable the engineer to focus on their application and to work with thermophysical properties calculations that are reliable, and validated through intensive usage in industrial applications.

    In support of your thermodynamic expertise, Simulis Thermodynamics will enable you to:
    Use the best thermodynamic representation of your system.
    Perpetuate your expertise with easily created "Property Packages" that include all elements needed for further calculations (pure components properties, models, interaction coefficients ...)
    Distribute these "Property Packages" throughout your organization in order for them to be used in your usual, CAPE-OPEN compliant, software.