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    Dr. Folder

    يتيح لك برنامج Dr. Folder وضع علامة على المجلدات بوضع ألوان ورموز صور بنقرة واحدة ، مما يسهل العثور على المجلدات. يمكنك تغيير اللوك واستعادة اللوك الافتراضي للمجلدات ، وإضافة الرموز الخاصة بك إلى المكتبة المدمجة وتخصيص قائمة السياق من المجلد التفضيلاتك.


    Dr. Folder is a software that search and replace the standard icon of a folder on any other icon. It has a pretty and friendly interface. It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can change icons of folders quickly and freely just by clicking several buttons. So, using Dr. Folder can save you lots of time. The most important is that it can make your folders lively and I think others will envy your beautiful folders!

    Get organized - Prioritize your tasks or indicate process progress with 'priority' icons
    Save time on finding file - Put your folders in order in 1 click
    Protect valuable information from accidental removal - Highlight important folders that must not be removed
    Personalize your workspace - Make your folders distinct from other folders, shared with other users on one PC or LAN

    Key features:
    You have the right to use Dr. Folder in your office
    Dr. Folder can change the Network folder icon. So you can customize your LAN
    Dr. Folder contains additional icons for office work
    Dr. Folder allows you to change the folder icon with the easiest way (Just one mouse click)
    Dr. Folder has two additional options for folder icon changes: "Make customized folder distributable" (portable) and "Apply selected icon to all subfolders"
    Dr. Folder can mark folders by priority (high, normal, low), by degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned), by work status (approved, rejected, pending) and by the type of the information contained in a folder (work files, important files, temp files, private files).
    Dr. Folder can change a folder's color to normal, dark and light states
    Dr. Folder changes folder icons from within a popup menu of the folders. To change a folder icon, you don't even need to run the program!
    Dr. Folder's popup menu contains convenient category submenus.
    Dr. Folder contains a User Icons tab where you can add an unlimited quantity of your favorite icons and mark folders with them. It's easy!

    Apply different icons to individual folders in one mouse click
    Easily change the folder icon from system context menu
    Replace the system-defined standard folder icon, which is used by Windows to display each folder on your computer
    Search for icons on your computer
    Copy icon to the current folder to make your folder icons independent from icon source files (that allows you to move or copy your customized folders anywhere even to another computer! Your folders will be the look exactly as you specified)
    Rebuild the system icon cache to repair incorrect icon images
    Add your favorite icons to the user icon list to access them faster
    Convert icon from PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF file


    Dr. Folder vous permet de marquer des dossiers avec des icônes de couleur et un code d'image en un seul clic de souris, ce qui rend les dossiers faciles à trouver. Vous pouvez modifier l'icône dans le menu contextuel du dossier sélectionné, ou du programme en utilisant son interface simple et des outils. Avec le Dr dossier, vous pouvez remplacer l'icône d'un dossier unique, ou changer l'icône de plusieurs dossiers à la fois, changer l'icône par défaut du système, restaurer l'icône par défaut, ajoutez vos propres icônes à la bibliothèque intégrée et personnaliser le Dr . menu contextuel du dossier à vos préférences.

    MedMoh_Dr.Folder. - 9.4 MiB

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