برنامج FotoJet Collage Maker 1.1+Portable لتصميم الالبومات من الصور

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    FotoJet Collage Maker 1.1+Portable

    لتصميم الالبومات من الصور

    Want to showcase treasured photos of a holiday, celebration, happy vacation, or favorite moment? With FotoJet Collage Maker, you can combine not only multiple photos into fantastic photo grids and collages, but also create impressive photo cards, posters, comics, fun photos and whatever you can imagine. By taking advantage of its 800+ grids & collage templates, thousands of resources and powerful editing tools, you will never be stuck for inspiration when creating unique masterpieces.
    Fast and Easy to Use
    Everyone can be a collage expert in minutes! Just choose a photo grid or collage template, add your own photos, make some minor adjustments, and a stunning collage can be created. It is easy enough for users of all ages and experience levels.
    Wide Range of Templates and Resources
    Over 700 preset photo grids and collage templates help you make collages with different styles - classic, modern, 3D, creative or art. Other creations like posters, comics, fun photos and photo cards for various occasions and holidays are just a few clicks away. To further improve your collages, a library of resources such as 100+ text fonts & styles, 800+ preset clipart images, 80+ background patterns, and 80+ lines & shapes can be added and edited freely.
    Personalize Photo Grids and Collages at Will
    FotoJet Collage Maker can fulfill all of your collage making needs. All the preset photo grids can be fully customized - reshape the grids and replace photos using the drag and drop feature; change aspect ratio and adjust spacing, roundness as per requirements.
    Many customization options are also available, including move, resize, rotate, crop, photo effects, text editing tools, batch processing, layer management, undo/redo, duplicate, and auto snap.
    Save or Share
    Once you've created your masterpiece, you can save it as a JPG or PNG image, or share it with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr. You can even save it as a project and load for further editing.
    Whats New:
    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

    رابط التحميل للنسخة ذات التثبيت


    رابط النسخة المحمولة

    أذا تطلب الأمر كلمة مرور

    BySam Damasgate

    تم بحمدالله وفضله

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