UFS Explorer Professional Recovery v5.16

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    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery v5.16 Final

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    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery v5.16 Portable by Valx

    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a full-featured software application designed exclusively for data recovery specialists. The application successfully combines low-level data analysis and data management functions with high-level data recovery tools. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is the only software of the UFS Explorer group that allows to alter original information on the storage.

    Advanced multi-tool interface makes the software suit even complicated data recovery tasks. With UFS Explorer Professional Recovery you can carry out thorough data analysis and conduct full-scaled data recovery. Embedded RAID-Builder mechanism allows to build standard RAID configurations of any level. Moreover, RAID definition language used by this software will let you build any custom RAID configuration. If necessary, low-level tools of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery allow to make permanent changes to the information initially contained on the storage. The software can be installed to several operating systems WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

    With consideration for user-friendliness software tools are grouped into several separate blocks each applicable to certain operations. Disk management system automatically defines storages and opens disk images, standard and custom RAID configurations as well as virtual disks of virtual machines. The system will let you open a disk partition or a storage device specifying name or mount point (disk letter, mount path etc.). UFS Explorer Professional Recovery embraces embedded Hex-Viewer tool that allows to view data on a disk or separate disk partition and alter including overwrite data on the storage. File manager allows to preview existing file system and recover data from it. Among other functions file manager includes files search and preview, data analysis, identification and positioning by file content and file descriptors. File system recovery manager allows to find files, preview found files and recover them to a local disk. For added convenience UFS Explorer Professional Recovery manages simultaneous performance of multitasking operations.

    Designed for professionals this product requires at least basic user expertise. The software contains a set of safe read-only data analysis tools that allow to solve most practical data loss cases and a write-enabled hexadecimal editor to correct even severe cases of file system damages.

    As a comprehensive multi-functional application UFS Explorer Professional Recovery will be perfect solution for detailed data analysis and professional recovery of lost and deleted data.

    Key features

    Immediate data access for consistent file systems

    Support of disk images and virtual disks

    Recovery of complex RAID storages

    Full-disk encryption support

    Disk-on-disk recovery

    Comprehensive files recovery

    Recovery after file system format

    Data consistency analysis and error correction

    Changes in version 5.16

    Starting from version 5.16 the software now preserves file creation and file modification dates from original file system as well as from virtually reconstructed file system after data recovery scan.

    These dates also appeared in file system object properties dialog as object attributes.

    Among other useful features there are:

    Support of "capitalization" attribute for 8.3 DOS file names;

    In-place editor for RAID Definition Language (RDL) in UFS Explorer Professional Recovery.

    This update is considered as recommended for data recovery and forensics specialists

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System




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