برنامج حذف الملفات المكررة من الكمبيوتر Delete Duplicates Files v5.6

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    السلام عليكم

    برنامج اخر بمناسبة يوم النظافة العالمي :biggrin:

    وظيفة البرنامج كما هو واضح من اسمه البحث عن الملفات المكررة بالهاردسك وحذفها بحسب الحاجة

    اسم البرنامج

    Delete Duplicates Files v5.6




    Delete Duplicate Files is powerful tool for deleting duplicated files from the

    local hard drives and removable media.

    Some of the key features are:

    - Two major scanning methods: Standard & Light.

    Standard Method: Compare files by content (byte-for-byte or CRC32 matches).

    Light Method: Compare files by name and size.

    - Variety of additional comparison criteria.

    - Variety of additional actions.

    - Scan sub-folders option.

    - Cross-folders scan option.

    - Lock-folders option.

    - Filters.

    - Originals-Detection Rules.

    - Actions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move.

    - Comprehensive results overview.

    - User friendly and intuitive graphical interface.

    - Powerful performances.

    - Logging.



    حجم البرنامج 4.95MB

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