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    Print Screen v2.1.2

    Print.Screen v2.1.2
    Release Date : 2013-02-21
    Nfo Date : 2013-02-21

    Num. Disks : xx/01 OS : Windows

    Nfo Time : 13:37 Rel Type : Cracked

    Cracker : Team Lz0 Archive : lz0.rar

    Packer : Team Lz0 Rating : Your choice

    Supplier : Team Lz0 Language : English

    Protection : N/A

    Requirements : .NET Framework

    : Always use a firewall.

    Publisher URL : devextras.com

    Publisher : DevExtras

    (%01) Keyfile / License (%06) Emulator

    (%02) Patch (%07) Serial

    (%03) Cracked .EXE / .DLL (%08) Retail

    (%04) Keygen (%09) Trainer

    (%05) Loader (%10) Other

    1999 - 2013

    I N F O

    Windows Screen Capture Software

    DevExtras Print Screen is a simple yet advanced screen capture

    and image editing tool for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP.

    Microsoft Windows comes with a built in facility for capturing

    the screen contents. Pressing the Print Screen key on your

    windows keyboard will copy an image of the screen onto the

    clipboard that can then be pasted into any graphics program.

    DevExtras Print Screen enhances this screen capture

    functionality by providing on-screen selection to define

    exactly what is copied, an image editor to make minor

    adjustments/annotate the captured image and finally options on

    what to do with the image other than simply copying it to the


    How to take a screenshot

    Once DevExtras Print Screen is installed, press the 'print

    screen' key on your keyboard to capture the screen contents. It

    doesn't just take a snapshot of everything, it lets you:

    - Capture the entire screen

    - Capture the active window

    - Select a window to capture with the mouse

    - Select a region to capture with the mouse

    - Copy the contents of the clipboard

    I N S T A L L

    1) Unpack and install.
    2) Overwrite existing with cracked files.
    3) Enjoy this release

    NOTE: For obvious reasons you should always make sure that

    the title is restricted access to internet by a firewall

    to avoid any problems. Further, when running our

    keygens/patches you might need to run it with admin

    rights while in Vista/Win7 to ensure that it has

    enough privileges.