برنامج تصميم صفحات الانترنت Sencha Architect HTML5 Builder v3.0.1

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    برنامج مهم جدا لمصممي المواقع وبشكل خاص لغة HTML5 وهي من لغات البرمجة الاساسية والهامة جدا لتصميم وبرمجة مواقع الانترنت والتطبيقات

    اسم البرنامج

    Sencha Architect HTML5 Builder v3.0.1 Build 001343 – Software maker HTML5 applications

    The design and implementation of web pages and web application, several technologies are used, each of which has its own application. One of the items used in the context of HTML. Applications using HTML can be used in two main goals Word meaning and structure of the interface and data entry forms, summarized.HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. The main objectives of improving the language so that the latest HTML5 technologies, multimedia support while they are easily readable by both humans continuously by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers, etc.) understood.

    Software Sencha Architect fastest way to build HTML5 applications for network devices worldwide web and mobile is. The software has an intuitive user interface and easy and you can easily build applications for your intended use of the themes of this software. In fact, we can say that this software tool is ideal for building applications with HTML5. If you want your application made by you to be used by most people in the world must be made by your applications on different operating systems and devices, and the best way build the application under HTML5 which you by the use Sencha Architect HTML5 app maker is software which is easy to do.

    Sencha Architect software and coding environment for framework for development and coding of sencha touch and Ext JS is. The code development environment, the ability to test various output resolution, and various UI elements can easily be included in your application different in size and scale set. Sencha Architect preparing to use a variety of features such as themes, UI component is the starter app, so you spend less time and more time to build this program of the sensitive, you will. Software programming using sencha architect is very simple, because all UI devices in the user’s window can easily drag and drop in a few seconds to catch your decision.

    Key Features Software Sencha Architect:

    – Intuitive and powerful application builder

    – Customizable with various themes

    – The Application Templates

    – An advanced code editor

    – A new UI components

    – Ability to output test at different resolutions

    – The MAC set of UI elements in your application, the size and scale of

    – Compatible with different versions of Windows

    Build apps using Sencha Architect 3 and reach more people on more platforms leveraging HTML5.Sencha Architect 3 is the fastest way to build HTML5 apps for the web and mobile devices.

    Reach More Users

    If you want to deliver an experience that reaches the most people, you will need to build apps that work on different operating systems and devices. The best way to get there is leveraging what already works on the most platforms – HTML5. Sencha Architect 3, the ultimate HTML5 app builder will get you there sooner.

    Kick Start Your App!

    Sencha Architect 3 comes with a variety of ready-to-go features like Themes, UI components, and Starter Apps so you spend less time on grunt work, and more on the critical parts of your app.

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    Price: $ 399 America (just for information)

    Installation Guide

    Read Me.txt using the instructions in the file to install your software.

    File size: 280 MB


    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System

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