ZOHO ManageEngine Applications Manager v11.6 Build 11600

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    ZOHO ManageEngine Applications Manager v11.6 Build 11600

    Year / Release Date: 2014

    Version: v11.6 Build 11600

    Developer: ZOHO Corp.

    Bit depth: x86 x64

    Compatible with Windows 7 full time

    Language: English

    Medicine: Present

    System requirements: Up to 250 computers (servers, with an average load level)

    Platform - Windows / Linux Processor Speed ​​- 1.4 GHz RAM - 2 GB of free disk space - 20 GB

    250 - 1000 Computer - Enterprise Edition (1 administrator and 2-3 managed server)

    Platform - Windows / Linux Processor Speed ​​- 1.8 GHz RAM - 2 GB of free disk space - 40 GB

    1000 or more computers - Enterprise Edition (1 administrator and 4, and more manageable server)

    Platform - Windows / Linux Processor frequency - Dual processor 1.8 * 2 GHz RAM - 2 GB (Managed Server) Free hard disk space - 100+ GB

    Description: Applications Manager - is available, designed for enterprise software application management, facilitating server monitoring, website, service management and monitoring of these applications

    This easy-to-use software for IT administrators and operators, managers internetnym data center or IT enterprise infrastructure. It controls the infrastructure of power and its willingness to work, and manages errors and notices. The program allows you to check the health and monitor heterogeneous applications from a single network control panel sends a notice in critical situations, diagnose and eliminate errors, analyze trends and plans to download, making comprehensive reports


    Built-in application management and server. Lowered total cost of ownership that does not require additional equipment purchases.

    Monitoring agentless. Business Service Management - accept the contract about service.

    Increased effectiveness and efficiency of service. A holistic approach to your business application. Optimization of resources by increasing the review

    Installation, configuration and unpacking a few minutes

    performance Management

    You can keep track of more than 100 important performance parameters such as response time, resource availability, CPU utilization, etc ..

    A holistic view of IT resources

    Managing a wide range of business applications and network services. Now you can group the application and its related services, to observe them as for one.

    Finding apps

    Discover each of your application servers, database servers, services, systems, custom applications, or all of them together in a business environment.

    Protection against errors and faults

    Sends alarms based on observable attributes, by E-Mail / SMS / trap / MBean Operation / run the program.

    Root Cause Analysis

    It provides information on bottlenecks in the system.

    Intuitive web-based client

    It allows the administrator to work through a Web browser interface. You can also monitor and view attributes such as the degree of serviceability and availability of observed objects. It provides a graphical representation of the attributes of the statistics. Users have the ability to sozdavatspetsialnye dashboards.

    user management

    Available in various roles: User, Operator, Administrator and Manager.


    Reporting module. Extensive coverage helps administrators to localization and troubleshooting, and capacity planning.


    The Enterprise Edition supports a distributed architecture and hence helps to monitor the thousands of servers and applications. The program is a consolidated overview of the resources of the various restricted networks / geographical locations.


    Integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to track signals generated as the tickets. ServiceDesk Plus - based on Web technologies to support service and resource management. If it is installed in your corporate network, you can automatically record tickets faults on certain alarms of Applications Manager.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager integrates with ManageEngine OpManager using Network Monitoring Connector, which allows the user to view the data on the availability and performance as application servers and databases, and network devices such as routers and switches into a single web-based console.

    SAN Monitoring Connector, in turn, allows the user to view data on the availability and performance as application servers and databases, and such storage devices as a matrix of storage elements (Storage arrays), multi-input switch system (Fabric Switches) and t .d. in a single web-based console


    added a version for Linux, upgrading to 11.6.11600

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System



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