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    Style for Windows

    Style for Windows 2103 -- 249 Mb

    Style takes regular photos or videos and uses artificial intelligence to transform them into works of art This differentiates it from a filter, as it intelligently recognizes features in the images that you feed it and creates output based upon mixing them with the style that you select

    It's Useful For

    Stylizing your media without losing detail You can make regular media look amazing in seconds You can creatively chain the models provided in order to produce unique works Just use the output from the app as the input to the app and you can produce infinitely varied work Some of the models present are useful to immediately create a work in one pass Others are useful as an intermediary step between the original and creating a final work Check the website for some examples

    Creating original content For example the icon was created using the app itself A plain template was made for the icon, then it was run through Style several times using different models, and it automatically created what you see above

    Whether it's being used as an aid to create graphic art, or to stylize your photos, videos, and selfies for social media, it's bound to be entertaining and useful


    For example you could make a style transfer of Vincent van Gogh’s “starry night” and an image of your dog to create a master piece!

    Or an evening shot of the golden gate bridge – before and after


    It also works on any video For a demo we chose the most popular video in history, since most people will know what the original looks like already, and ran it through Style

    Endless loop, cycling through some of the styles


    It’s easy to use and you can chain styles together for more style combinations

    Over 20 styles to choose from and more being made every week

    And because Style runs offline, you can process high resolution images or videos any time you like

    System Requirements

    64bit Windows 7 or higher (Windows 10 recommended)

    4GB RAM or higher (8GB+ recommended)

    350mb of spare space on your Hard Drive