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    Better File Rename 5.56

    Better File Rename 5.x-- 9.3 MB

    Better File Rename is the most comprehensive file renamer on the market. You get an industrial strength utility that's fast, flexible, reliable and easy to use. That's why since 1999, thousands of hobbyists, professionals and businesses depend on Better File Rename to organize and maintain their files.

    Comprehensive renaming options

    add, remove, insert and replace characters and text

    add, format, change and insert sequence numbers, create sequence number lists..

    add file date and time to the beginning and the end, rename to date..

    replace file and folder extensions

    make uppercase, lowercase, title case or sentence case

    create space-saving alphabetical sequences

    truncate, remove vowels, reverse, transpose

    and much, much more...

    Work the way that suits you best

    You can use Better File Rename as a stand-alone application dragging & dropping files onto its application icon or directly into its preview window.

    Alternatively you can use it straight from the Windows Explorer by right-clicking the files and selecting the "Better File Rename..." menu item.

    Instant preview eliminates guesswork and errors

    See the results of your renaming options while you are typing or changing the parameters.

    The instant preview makes short work out of finding the right settings and avoids costly mistakes.

    Bulk processing options

    Separate processing for file names and file extensions

    Process files, folders and subfolders ("recursively")

    Choose to confirm each file name or batch process them automatically

    Combine multiple rename steps

    You can combine several rename actions into a single multi-step rename. This allows you to perform even the most complex batch renaming jobs in a single pass.

    Better File Rename allows you to create as many rename steps as you require and lets you edit and re-arrange them at will.

    Digital Photograpy

    Better File Rename is the preferred renaming tool of many professional and ambitious amateur photographers and has over time grown an impressive array of features dedicated to manipulating sequence numbers (create sequence number lists, add and insert sequence numbers, pad them with 0s, etc..) and adding shooting dates & times to picture names.

    In these operations you can exploit the shooting date & time extracted from the industry-standard EXIF digital camera meta-data stored in your JPEG, CR2 or NEF photos.

    Music & Sound Collections

    Music lovers will be delighted by our MP3/AAC renaming feature that allows you to exploit the ID3 meta-data embedded in most music files to create their own naming schemes for their music collection. Meta-data information from MP3, M4P, MP4, M4A and iTunes music store files are supported.

    Pro Workflow Support

    Save recurring renaming options to self-contained "droplet" applications. Drag & drop files and folders onto these droplets to apply the stored settings. This allows you to automate the renaming part of your workflow.

    Features for power users

    For those that need even more advanced features, we provide regular expression substitution support. This advanced string manipulation technique was popularized by UNIX and PERL professionals. Definitely not for the faint of heart, regular expressions are nonetheless an excellent tool for finding, replacing and swapping text fragments

    OS : Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64-bit

    Language : English





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