Corel iGrafx Origins v16 4 0 1243 Multilingual

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    Corel iGrafx Origins v16 4 0 1243 Multilingual

    iGrafx provides a single solution to unite your business around
    delivering business value. The iGrafx Origins release is a new
    version of iGrafx that brings all the capabilities you need to a
    next-generation web-based platform for process excellence
    Additional business information capture, increased decision
    support and ease of process and enterprise modeling: all are
    integrated in one streamlined solution for company-wide
    accessibility from anywhere

    What's New in iGrafx Origins?

    Web-based single point of entry for enterprise-wide accessibility
    and adoption

    Encourage organization-wide engagement with state-of-the-art user
    Collaborate from browsers or mobile devices anywhere to capture
    BPMN models and business information
    Access streamlined dashboards for role-relevant focus on business
    information and real-time performance
    Expand employee participation in web-based document control

    Enhanced Business Modeling for improved business knowledge capture
    and analysis

    Capture, mine and analyze custom information about the
    interdependencies of your business
    Create BPMN processes and business architecture models more
    Associate additional data and relationships to organizational
    resources to better define and understand how they impact your
    Analyze improvement scenarios based on the most realistic
    representation of your organization's resources

    Powerful web-based reporting and dashboards for increased decision

    Understand pertinent business and process performance at a glance
    and be able to drill into the level of granularity you need
    Track the key performance metrics for all important aspects of
    your business
    Extract more knowledge about your business based on criteria that
    is important to you

    Model Integrity for better change management

    Model smarter AND faster by changing references in a single place
    to update everywhere
    Keep track of change versions to meet compliance requirements for

    Scalable solution to support both secure and complex IT

    Support sophisticated network structures with better flexibility
    Centrally manage user administration, permissions and platform
    Ready to deploy in the Cloud or on-premises

    Languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA, PL, ZH



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