West Wind Web Surge 1.1

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    برنامج لتسجيل طلبات http من المتصفح لاختبار المواقع ويدعم اختبار الخدمات والبرمجيات مثل HTML, AJAX, REST and SOAP Services

    West Wind Web Surge 1.1

    WebSurge makes it drop dead easy to enter or capture HTTP requests, and then test them interactively either individually for request inspection, or play them back under load. The process is very quick and easy and you can be up and running in minutes.

    To facilitate capturing HTTP requests you can use our built-in HTTP capture tool or manually create sessions. We also provide a simple request UI to enter URLs and headers, or just use plain text files with raw HTTP headers using a format compatible with exports from Telerik's popular Fiddler tool. You can test individual URLs quickly through the UI or fire up a load test with a large number of simultaneous sessions to stress your Web Site.

    WebSurge provides full access to the HTTP protocol - you can capture plain HTML and AJAX requests, REST or SOAP Services, SSL - even API requests from your Windows applications. And unlike online testing services you can run WebSurge locally on one or more machines inside of your Firewall or VPN.

    Once a session has been captured, specify the number of threads and length of time to run and go! While running, an ongoing tally of requests and stats is provided. When complete, results are summarized for you in a simple, easy to understand report. You can also review a few charts and export the captured results for later analysis.

    It's that easy! You can be up and running in minutes and get useful results as soon as your test run is complete. Because the capture and test process is so straight forward, it promotes frequent testing of your Web applications for better performance, stability and reliability.


    Easy to capture, easy to run tests

    Built-in capture tool to capture requests

    Capture from browser or Windows apps

    Filter captures by domain, type or process Id

    Import sessions from Fiddler

    Manually create and edit sessions

    Complete HTTP and SSL Support

    Test HTML, AJAX, REST and SOAP Services

    Unlimited load creation

    Easy to read summarized results

    Charts to visualize results

    Export results to Xml,Json,Html

    Test locally and within your Firewall/VPN

    Optional Command Line Interface

    Great for HTTP Request testing and managing