Indigo Rose Software Visual Patch v3.8.1

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    Indigo Rose Software Visual Patch v3.8.1

    Use of this product in conjunction with TrueUpdate allows you to create a fully automated system for updating software. Visual Patch program is aimed at developers who need to regularly release patches and updates for their programs. At the heart of Visual Patch is a comprehensive mechanism for scripting, which allows to perform more than 250 high-level activities related to installing the update. This program includes everything: from the technical control versions of your product in order to decide which files need to be replaced before the differentiation of the level of bytes in each file to determine the difference between the versions

    Opportunities Visual Patch

    o- Integrated visual dialog editor

    o- Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7

    o- Update any previous versions before the current with a single patch file

    o- Ability to undo changes made by patch

    o- Fast start for creating a new project with the help of step by step wizard

    o- Powerful engine for scripting

    o- Customizable user interface of your patches with a choice of built-in templates

    o- Creating multi-lingual versions of files, patches

    o- Three modes of the patch: “Quiet o- installation via a wizard or simple dialogs

    o- A library of more than 250 high-level action

    o- Integration with TrueUpdate

    o- And much more

    Visual Patch v3.8.1.0

    OS: Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

    Interface: English

    On file:

    Enabling -- reg code: yes

    Language: English

    Platform: Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7