لتصحيح الوان الصور المسحوبة من السكانر والكاميرا basICColor input 5.2.0

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    السلام عليكم

    برنامج لتصحيح دقة الالوان للصور الملونة المسحوبة من السكانر او للصور الرقمية من الكاميرات

    basICColor input 5.2.0 Build 2434 Multilingual

    If critical color accuracy from your scans or digital camera files is required, you need basICColor input. Analyzing the capture results of a camera target determines the reproduction characteristics of the camera. This helps eliminate unnecessary color retouching. Professional results can be achieved with higher data quality as well as quicker turn-around times. The ICC camera profiles can both be "tuned" and the workflow automated, achieving optimal workflows. basICColor input distinguishes automatically between RAW or TIFF / JPEG format and creates DCP or ICC profiles with perfect shadow detail