igivod 3.5.0 Build 37606 Multilingual

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    igivod 3.5.0 Build 37606 Multilingual

    digivod Video Management Software is award-winning software. It supports a broad range of cameras and encoders, including analog, IP and HD-SDI. It supports all established video codecs.

    Redefinition of simplicity

    digivod has a uniquely simple graphical user interface (GUI). Driven by the motto “security made easy”, it is but probably the most intuitive in the world. It allows plug and play, practically without any training at all.

    True situation awareness

    If something happens, what do you want to hear and see? Right, all the relevant information for assessing the situation. digivod presents information for the primary purpose of decision making. This includes getting eyes and ears on the situation, and the capabilities to put a sensor alarm within the context of time and location.

    Versatility and usability

    Security is all about information and decisions. It is true for private residences with few cameras, or industrial sites with hundreds of cameras, or large critical areas with mission-critical protection. With digivod, you can tailor-make a GUI for the requirements of each individual installation, while allowing intelligent warnings, real time information, fast decision making, swift actions, and last but not least, complete reporting.

    Absolute scalability

    digivod is second to none in the respects of efficiency concerning system resources, robustness, and clever handling of limited resources such as network or CPU. A full functional set of server and client can be run on the smallest HDMI sticks with no loss in quality! How all that is possible? digivod is about clever design and effective implementation. Find it out yourself!

    Market leading license plate recognition

    digivod includes license plate recognition, powered by ARH, the market leader in plates recognition. Plates from vehicles moving at high speed are instantly processed and recognized. Recognition can occur in all lighting conditions. digivod offers flexible handling of the results, based on white and black lists. Upon request, digivod can integrate any further license plate recognition software.

    Distributed sites

    digivod supports distributed sites in all forms - be it a hierarchical organization where the headquarter dictates security measures, or a federated one where the sites are totally independent. Through the multi-location feature, digivod offers full support for distributed organizations: be it a retail chain, a security center managing multiple customer sites, or a command and control room ensuring the safety of hospitals, schools and other urban critical infrastructure.

    Large installations

    Typically, installations with hundreds or thousands of cameras tend to be more challenging on video surveillance. digivod is specifically designed for larger installations: high availability by multi-recording and fail-over, video wall by drag and drop, GIS maps, alarm workflows and prepared instructions manual for operators, and last but not least, a GUI that puts the most critical information and actions within a mouse click's reach.

    One piece of software for all challenges

    Security made easy - we apply the same motto on our pricing model. There is only one edition called digivod VMS. It includes a base software that comes along with all digivod features for video surveillance. Additional camera channels and features can be ordered and activated during run time, without the need of upgrades.




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