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    EasiestSoft Picture to Movie Maker 2.0

    EasiestSoft Picture to Movie Maker 2.0 | 28.1 MB

    If you want to create video slideshows from image files on your computer in a quick, convenient manner and without significant efforts, you might consider turning to third-party utilities. EasiestSoft Picture to Movie Maker is one of the software solutions that can help you achieve satisfactory results in the situation depicted above.

    User-friendly interface.

    This program comes with a user-friendly interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, which make it possible that even inexperienced users can benefit from its capabilities with ease.

    Although it does not feature any form of local help documentation, its controls are straightforward enough to operate them without requiring additional assistance.

    Create video slideshows easily

    You can turn to EasiestSoft Picture to Movie Maker if you need to turn images on your computer into video slideshows quickly and without considerable efforts. In order to do so, you just need to import suitable documents from your computer, adjust a few parameters and click the large Export button on the main window.

    After you load the pictures, you can add text content to each and every one of them by clicking the instructions and typing your desired content in the designated box. It is also possible to quickly rotate the images by selecting them and using the toolbar buttons. Pictures can also be edited in terms of modifying their text content, choosing a moving direction and selecting a transition effect.

    Visual effects and music support

    Additionally, this utility lets you apply multiple visual effects to your slideshow by simply toggling them from the Effect category. Some of them include 3D rotation, page rolling, window-shades or fading in.

    More so, you can add an audio track that will play while your slideshow is displayed. You can also set it to fade in or out and loop, according to your needs.

    Lightweight video slideshow creator with additional features

    All in all, EasiestSoft Picture to Movie Maker is a handy application that enables you to create video slideshows from image files on your computer, apply visual effects and choose audio tracks to be played while they are displayed. It comes with a user-friendly interface, packs intuitive functions and requires no additional configuration