مستعرض 3D للصور Kolor Panotour 2.5.8 PRO Multilingual

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    برنامج لاستعراض الصور بشكل ثلاثي الابعاد وبدرجة 180 و 360 درجة

    Kolor Panotour 2.5.8 PRO x86 x64 Multilingual

    Kolor Panotour 2.5.8 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 211 MB

    Create virtual tours using your own pictures or animations, add them a 3D view effect and 360° or 180° interactions for an engaging experience. Probably the cheapest way to travel is by Internet. With how much technology has advanced any corner of the Earth can be visited from the comfort of your desktop. Moreover, with the help of specialized applications like Panotour you are able to create virtual tours using pictures.

    Easily create in three steps

    First off, you need to make a selection of the pictures you want to include in the project. The image format can be any of the most commonly used, and both panorama or plain. Here you can closely preview each element and adjusted so that it comes out just right.

    Depending on the given image resolution you can choose to set it to a 360 degrees view or leave it plain. This can be done with every image and you can also include links between them by creating polygons.

    Moving forward to the “Style” section, you gain access to interface specific customization options. It is up to you to decide whether or not to include elements, because you can get a final result even without style items. However, it is difficult to resist not to add, for example a rain effect or titles on each image.

    Last but not least, final adjustments can be made regarding output quality and compatibility with several devices and players.

    Easy to use interface

    The provided workspace is cleverly designed so that you never feel lost in the creation process. Each panel can be adjusted in size to get a better view of each specific option. All three steps mentioned above are easily accessible with a single mouse click, considering you made a mistake the possibility to go back and undo is available.

    Unfortunately, there is no wizard you can take advantage of for an even faster generation of a virtual tour, but it's rather fun building it step by step.

    In conclusion

    All in all, Panotour is a neat way to offer someone a quick virtual guide around any desired place. You can make use of almost any photo you find on the hard disk drive and style options let you give every tour a unique feel



    النسخة PRO



    نسخة اقدم قليلا ولكن التفعيل شغال تمام ومجرب فقط اتبع التعليمات التالية

    Kolor Panotour 2.5.7 + Serial Win x64

    * Close internet connection.
    * install the application.
    * before you run it, block the app on firewall
    * run application.
    * use email and serial to activate it. (inside the instruction)
    * then go to Help/Licenses/LivePano and paste the Live Pano code here.
    * Restart the program. it will work flawlwss without any Watermerks.

    Tested on 4 different computers.

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