اضافة للـ GPS لعرض الخرائط Land Premium 8.5 Build 201807200914 Multilingual

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    السلام عليكم

    اضافة لجهاز GPS لعرض الخرائط ومخطط الرحلات

    البرنامج الأكثر تطوراً في السوق لتعديل المسارات ، وإعداد المسارات وعرض عدة خرائط في وقت واحد. قم بتحليل كل تفاصيل مساراتك وأعد كل مرحلة من أنشطتك. اكتشف موثوقية ودقة الأرض ، وهي الإضافة المثالية إلى جهاز GPS الخاص بك.

    Land Premium 8.5 Build 201807200914 Multilingual

    The most advanced software on the market to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps at once. Analyse every detail of your itineraries and relive each stage of your activities. Discover the reliability and accuracy of Land, the perfect addition to your GPS device.


    Prepare your outings safely: Without risks or limits

    Plan your adventures without leaving home. Land will automatically open the most suitable and detailed map based on the itinerary you’re preparing.

    Display multiple map types and formats in the same place. Land guarantees maximum compatibility with all types of maps:

    Map types: Road, topographic, orthophoto, nautical, aviation, etc.

    Map formats: *.CDEM, *.COSM, *.CWMS, *.ECW, *.IMG, *.IMP, *.JPG, *.KML, *.KMZ, *.MAP, *.MPVF, *.OSM, *.PNG, *.RMAP, *.RTMP, *.SID, *.TIF, *.VMAP, *.WGOM…

    Highlight the relief on your maps with shading that will help you to see the surrounding area much better. Remember you can also display your next outings in 3D views. Take charge of the goggles and watch yourself moving inside the most realistic simulation. Don’t forget to video record the simulations and share them with your fellow adventurers!

    Other Key Features

    Work with multiple datums and coordinate systems

    Download free maps from international sources (Google Maps, OpenStreeMap…)

    Quickly measure the distance between two points on the map

    Overlay or merge maps from the same geographic area

    Convert map files into the most common formats

    Calibrate your old paper maps to digital formats

    Edit Tracks, Routes and Waypoints without limits

    Land features a wide range of tools for safely planning your outdoor activities so you can avoid any dangers. Edit each stage step by step and find alternatives for reaching your destination.

    Open a wide variety of formats: Tracks/Routes *.BTRK, *.FIT, *.GPX, *.IGC, *.LOG, *.KML, *.KMZ, *.PLT, *.RTE, *.TCX, *.TRK, *.TXT… Waypoints *.BWPT, *.CUP, *.GPX , *.KML, *.KMZ, *.LOC, *.TXT, *.WPT…

    Accurately draw tracks and routes. Create your own itineraries point to point or freehand, divide a track into several stages, merge several itineraries, change the colour or thickness of the tracks and more.

    Personalise paths with waypoints: Modify your path’s trajectory by moving or deleting waypoints to adapt it to your needs.

    Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10



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