برنامج لوضع الحقوق والعلامة المائية على الصور 123 Watermark

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    برنامج لوضع علامة مائية او صورة شفافة على الصور لحفظ الحقوق

    123 Watermark

    123 Watermark 2xx | 9.9 MB

    Fast, Easy and Flexible Image Watermarking Software for Windows. Protect your images with custom text, images, logos, QR codes, borders and more using multiple layers and styles. Protect your photos and images. Watermark one or thousands of images with just one click. Optionally upload your images straight to the cloud, then save your settings ready for your next set of great images.


    Processes your images as fast as your CPU allows.

    Create simple or complex workflows for your image processing needs.

    Convert and resize your images and copy EXIF data.

    Use one or more layers to build your own distinctive watermark.

    Intuitive user interface guides you through the process in 3 easy steps.

    Combine layers and profiles. Use counters and EXIF data in watermarks.

    Upload your images to the cloud once processed, saving you time.

    Define one or more profiles to save and upload your images at the click of a button.

    OS : Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

    Language : English




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