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    Driver Tonic

    Experience an enhanced PC by updating all your system drivers with Driver Tonic. The utility quickly finds your outdated or missing drivers and lets you update them instantly in a single tap to give you a smooth PC experience always.

    Why Install Driver Tonic? With Driver Tonic, you can enhance the performance of your system in the most efficient manner with its easy to use built-in features. Let’s take a view of its key features:

    Your System

    Driver Updater

    Potential errors may arise in your system when a driver becomes obsolete or incompatible. The Driver Updater feature scans your PC for all the outdated, missing or corrupt drivers and lets you install the latest drivers from a single platform so as to reduce hardware problems & improve PC performance.

    Your Windows

    Invalid Registry Scan

    Invalid registries are not necessarily harmful but cleaning them may improve the communication time when various software interact with system registries. Driver Tonic lets you clean these invalid registries in a single click.

    Your Complete

    Web Protection

    Driver Tonic provides browsing safety to its users with its Web Protection feature. It prevents malware infections by blocking vulnerable websites and downloads for you. Driver Tonic supports complete browser protection on major browsers like Chrome, Firefox & IE.