فلاشة الريكفري للابتوب لينوفو Recovery USB-Flash for Lenovo G505

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    فلاشة الريكفري للابتوب لينوفو USB

    Recovery USB-Flash for Lenovo G505

    Year / Release Date: 2013

    Version: 6.3 Build 9600

    Developer: Lenovo

    Developer website: Lenovo

    Bit depth: 64bit

    Language: English + Russian

    Crack: None

    System requirements: Notebook Lenovo G505

    A6-5200 2.0Ghz / A76M / 6Gb / 500Gb / DVD-RW / HD8400G / Bt / Win8.1 x64

    or equivalent of a series of Lenovo G505

    Description: The image shows the distribution of USB-Recovery stick, USB_Recovery_Lenovo_G505_W81.tib,

    recorded on a laptop Lenovo G505 (59426068) using the Lenovo Solution Center program

    obraz stick created the program Acronis True Image Home 2013.

    It used to restore the system to factory settings

    Deploy the image USB_Recovery_Lenovo_G505_W81.tib on the USB-stick (at least 16GB) using the program Acronis True Image Home 2013 or newer

    After starting the program choose to restore from the backup disks,

    specify the location where the image is out of hand, and on any USB flash drive to recover.

    Indicates that the device is bootable (active).

    In the BIOS to boot from fleshki.ili specify Hit Esc (F12) when the

    Keep all the information you need on the destination medium, otherwise it will be deleted!

    Besides the method described above, further embodiments (GPT already should be):

    Put the OEM Vin8 with distribution / collect from flash files in * .swm * .wim by using the ImageX / register OS / cut in recovery

    Put the OEM Vin8 with distribution / set program Lenovo Solution Center / through this program run from a flash drive recovery

    - Put the OEM Vin8 with distribution / stick USB flash drive / reboot with cramped "shift" / use the built-in system restore Vin8

    CRC32: 8100D42C

    MD5: 37FD8FAA673346C9D2D31EF3562A5BE2

    SHA-1: AB0C66096065F83BE9D4168511688B569B26E328

    الاسطوانة باللغتين الانجليزية + الروسية

    7.97 GB

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